Within the national public works marketplace, SUDA and its principals are recognized leaders. Engineering News Record Magazine has recognized SUDA’s late co-founder Ray Dones as one of the “Top 125 Industry Leaders” of the last Century.

Since our establishment, SUDA has been a consistent quality leader in the development and construction industries. SUDA’s personnel maintain leadership positions on construction industry boards, panels, and associations, providing guidance and advice for the future of the industry. And SUDA’s safety and health records demonstrate the leadership in project safety planning and execution.

SUDA, LLC has expertise in the following areas:


Pre-Construction Services

The review of plans and specifications, constructability analysis, independent construction cost estimates, bid evaluation, scheduling analysis, value engineering, project control, and peer review.


Construction Phase Services

Pre-construction meetings, construction administration, construction documentation, CPM scheduling, monitor construction schedule, review of contract documents and submittals, analysis of claims, delay analysis, construction inspection (including written daily reports for each project), review of record drawings, quality assurance/quality control, utility coordination, safety programs, regulatory compliance, prepare and submit project status reports, progress meeting notes, technical reports, quality assurance/quality control reports, and other reports related to the project and supplemental construction services on an as needed basis.


Post Construction Services

Development of punch-list items, review of record of drawings, analysis of claims, delay analysis, and project close-out.


Report Investigations & Presentations

SUDA, LLC shall prepare and submit project status reports, progress meeting notes, technical reports, quality assurance/quality control reports, and other reports related to the project, when requested by authorized staff.

SUDA knows how to integrate innovative technologies along with complex materials and process equipment into new and existing facilities. We have the experience, reputation and resources to coordinate procurement and installation of major equipment systems and components. SUDA and its principals are currently working on, or have completed, major commercial, industrial, infrastructure facilities throughout the United States.

We are involved with state-of-the-art projects and we enjoy working with clients who are incorporating today’s cutting-edge technology for a better future. We have the confidence in our personnel to introduce innovative approaches in helping our clients achieve their ambitious and aggressive goals. Examples range from waste water facilities to port container crane design, construction and installation. The diversified construction experience of our personnel has enabled us to participate on a wide range of projects, of various sizes, types and complexities.

We are frequently called upon to prepare budgets at early schematic design stages of a project. As the design develops, we constantly monitor the estimated cost of construction. As construction proceeds, we identify additional areas of savings to produce the quality product below the project budget.

SUDA Erectors provides accurate cost estimating. Estimating is completed by both in-house and qualified industry leading outside construction firms who work under SUDA’s direction and are dedicated to creating a budget or cost estimate that accurately reflects the scope of the work involved in the project under consideration.

Our group of estimators, financial analyst, and program managers are trained and experienced in the art of conceptual estimating geared towards advance forecasting of the ultimate outcome of lump sum, hard dollar bidding. This fundamental element of service means that SUDA’s clients can work closely with our team in planning and projecting project cash flows for jobs in various stages of design and construction.

SUDA employs in-house historical cost data, computerized data base information, and the latest market place computer applications, but their most valued contribution is their personal knowledge and experience in the construction market related to our client’s business.

We, the individuals of SUDA, take pride in the integrity of our firm, our professionalism, and our commitment to delivering the level of quality that is promised to clients. This quality approach has provided SUDA with a history of repeat business with satisfied clients who demand quality and performance for their projects.

SUDA’s capabilities have been proven on projects of various size and sophistication. SUDA utilizes Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) software to enable SUDA to create CAD drawings to assist in job layouts and engineering. It also utilizes Critical Path Method (CPM) scheduling software and related Project Management and Contract Administration software systems to provide accurate documentation, record keeping, and project tracking within an integrated system.

Although often addressed as part of the quality subject matter, Safety at SUDA deserves its own byline. SUDA’s policies are geared to a total quality goal of zero accidents. It has provided for an enviable safety record on our development and construction projects. Even in a segment of the industry clearly recognized to be dangerous. SUDA’s results have first place regional and national safety awards to demonstrate the commitment to the program and its goals
SUDA, LLC is able to provide resident engineers, field engineers, construction inspectors, schedulers, estimators, claims specialists, construction management support, and supplemental construction services on an as needed basis for various Port-related construction projects. These professional services shall be provided either by direct assignment of SUDA, LLC or through sub consultants.

  • SUDA, LLC is able to provide services for partnering and dispute resolution.
  • SUDA, LLC has in-house knowledge of international laws and regulations governing design, construction, contracting, labor, environment, and health and safety.
  • SUDA, LLC has in-house (or through its network of sub-consultants) current licensing and certifications in appropriate fields or disciplines, as required by law or necessary to perform the work.
  • If and when needed, SUDA, LLC shall provide sufficient numbers of properly trained personnel who may come in contact with, may be exposed to, disturb, operate equipment or otherwise work around hazardous or contaminated materials, water, and soils.